Everyday, I come home from school to see my Facebook news feeds filled with statuses from friends to acquaintances.  And everyday, I see someone with a negative status complaining about something & how they hate their life.  I’m not gonna lie; I’ve said that many times in the past too.  But I’ve learned now how much that one phrase really affects a person.  When you’ve learned to not stress the small stuff & appreciate everything you have, that’s when you can truly be happy. 

I was talking to a girl, one day, and she mentioned that she wished the world would blow up and the human race would die.  How did this come up?  She didn’t want someone on her soccer team; she was simply upset.  But that small upset caused her to wish the human race never existed.  I kept telling her that if she learned to look past this and stop stressing such small details, she would be much happier.  But she refused; she said she always stresses even the tiniest things.  And as I kept talking to her, I realized how unhappy she really was.

Ever noticed that when you’re cranky, everyone around you is too?  I sure did.  My sister is in that rebellious age where she wants to fight back everything my parents say.  And when we’re eating dinner, the atmosphere is just so displeasing; I mean, I was perfectly content before, but then I felt down. 

When you’re happy, everyone around you is happy.  And to keep yourself happy, don’t stress the small stuff.  Sure, your parent’s are making you wash the dishes, but what is sulking around going to do?  Just wash the dishes and go back to what you’re doing; it’s no big deal.  And yes, the boy you secretly had a crush on is now in a relationship, but c’mon, there’s more to life than boys.  And if he wasn’t the one, then it wasn’t meant to be; let it go. As Mr. Wason says,

"Men are dumb.  And I can say that, because I am a man."

Overall, be happy and appreciate what life has given you; count your blessings.  I assure you, not only will everyone around you be happier, but you will be as well.  So go write on your Facebook status “I love my life because” and fill in the blank.  You’ll be much happier when you do.  Trust me.